October 23, 2019


the beauty of craftsmanship is how it impulsively extracts and refines bits and pieces of what we see and feel in relation to the natural world.

it helps us process life and it helps us build a different language through the objects we create. material footprints to remind us of the symbolic and the mythical in modern life.

bending, carving and pulling to no precise result but with a very definite sense of knowing when one piece is completed and another originates.


imagine the sinuous glide of a sea serpent, head high above water.

heavy with the prey seized in its jaws, it twists and thrusts its body towards land to save itself from being swallowed by the salty waves. from the sea shore, its lustrous, shimmering skin echoes precious silver metal when polished to high gloss.

this mental image sparked the work that was put into finding that true, elemental form, resulting in the idra earring, one side curling up the ear.

just as the snake sheds its skin in order to grow, by further manipulating the shape and reassembling different parts of the original, new pieces of jewelry emerged. designed to fit more styles of wear and layering, the wavy enfolding of the new ring and ear cuff is balanced out by a second round open ring.

just how the ongoing idra series circles around the versatility of its own form, the ring becomes a source of inspiration in its own right, calling for different working styles.

it all interweaves down to the essential.

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