April 21, 2019


intrigued, surprised and heartened by nature, the primitive man depicted the shapes he encountered. this subconscious imitation led to a new language of pure spiritual truth. “in drawing a dot and five little sticks he attempted to transmit his own image”, suprematist artist Kazimir Malevich explains. the more his consciousness embraced nature, the more involved his work became, and the more his experience and skill increased.


raw beginning. the word derives from the Latin ‘ousia’, and can be translated as substance, essence or spirit. it stands behind the whole concept, representing the motivating force of creative expression that started the brand in April 2018.


subtract rather than add. captivate rather than clarify.

quietude rather than urgency.
intuition as reason, creating forms that connect imagination to our modern life. metaphor becomes the natural form of expression in grasping the innermost essence of things.

childlike, spontaneous sensation of life. trying to understand the world we live in, exploring our way from one experience to the next, always curious of what anything could possibly turn out to be, with no need to express anything else. not gratifying a taste, but crafting towards a sense of authenticity.


hand-cut, hammered or textured, filed, constructed, manually polished, freehand-drawn shapes become pieces of jewellery, alive with raw, primal, universal force.

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