December 6, 2019


with its simple, primal feel, this solid piece of compressed matter is reliable and enduring in its stillness. acting somewhat as the backbone of our natural world, the stone became known as a symbol of wisdom and fortitude ever since the Neolithic. from basic tool to building and sculpting implement, to healing rituals and sacred alignments, man breathed life into the most austere and inert element he encountered.


just as nature includes all things, regardless of worth, condition or utility, the stone circle series mirrors this very continuous cycle of energy. every piece is made out of melted silver scraps which are then fused and individually pressed to resemble flat, plain pebbles. the textures are contoured in the polishing process that contrasts the raw silver forms against the waterlike finish.

this particular sense of balance between the inner and outer facets of the most simple, basic things is what influences us the most.

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