March 16, 2020

tabula rasa

metaphor is the ultimate resort in our search for meaning. when facing a sharp,
reflecting blank tablet, with its flat, clear surface, deep conflicting emotions begin to stir. mirror.

with sudden, overwhelming changes morphing into the very essence of our future, we find disruption to be society’s breeding ground for the new.

slowly shutting down.

now there is room for empathizing, acknowledging and revisiting one’s footprint. we can only asses our impact by trial and error.

in a society hungry for decency and harmony, unity and common purpose could bend the general rigid urgency.

“there can be no growth without stagnancy, no movement without inactivity, and no progress without refusal.”

blank page for a new beginning.

modern technology and slow craft meshed together to drive a revolution in making and self-sufficiency. new vehicles, to each its own, all joined together by truth in this life wide web.

persist, improvise, choose, trust.

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